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Our customers say...

"I just wanted to thank you for your service and for your quick turnaround in getting our results back to us! I'm so excited to finally be able to tell friends and family and complete STRANGERS of course, that my girls are definitely identical! Thanks again!"

-Kelly (Massapequa Park, NY)

"I received the results of the twin zygosity test regarding my daughters today. For 32 years, I have been operating under the assumption that they are fraternal twins. My daughter, Pamela, however has always felt deep in her heart that she and her sister are identical. This test was a birthday gift to them. I can hardly wait until this evening when I present them with your letter. I appreciate the fact that my request was handled with such professionalism. The e-mails informing me of the progress of the test were especially nice. Thank you again."

-Donna (Painesville, OH)

"My sister and I had your zygosity test done and was impressed with your procedures and the promptness of the results."

-Lisa (Boise, ID)

"Thank you for such speedy results. I'm very grateful that you offer this service at a reasonable price. I was given your company's name by about 5 different people on a chat board through iVillage.com. I will definitely recommend your company to other people who may ask."

-Kathy (Montgomery, AL)

"Thank you for the great service provided with the zygosity testing. I am very pleased."

-Kim (West Newton, PA)

"Thank you VERY much for you prompt service with our tests! I am now eagerly awaiting the results!"

-Dana (High Wycombe, United Kingdom)

"Thanks for your response to all of our voice and e-mails. I'm sure it can be frustrating at times dealing with anxious parents pestering you for results. Your customer service has been impeccable and we will certainly recommend Proactive Genetics in the future."

-Lee (West Chester, OH)

"We have received the results. We are glad to be reassured that our girls are identical. Thank you."

-Shari and Roger (Wichita Falls, TX)

"We just got our results and found out that we are identical. I think everyone thought we were except my mother's doctor. We have always looked just alike. I want to say thank you. It's like we received this wonderful gift, 50 years later than we may have liked, but still very much a gift. We just couldn't imagine any twins being closer than we are, at least emotionally. We're best friends. Once again, thank you so much."

-Susan (Huntington Beach, CA)

"We just got the lab results that says our girls are identical. Even though I lost the office pool over the conclusion, I want to say how interesting and *fun* this was to do. Our doctor told us they were likely fraternal, but not even grandma could tell them apart. The issue was a matter of constant debate. I've already refer one MOM to you. If anyone else ever asks, I'm highly recommending the DNA test. Thanks. P.S. Your realtime status was fun, too. I checked it way too often."

-Stasia (Redding, CA)

"My family and I would like to take the time to thank you for quick and precise testing of our daughters DNA. We were told at their birth in December that they were fraternal twins but in my heart I knew they were identical and wanted to pursue it further. Had it not been for your buccal testing we may have gone through life telling them the wrong information so again we thank you and will highly recommend your services to anyone who is interested in zygosity testing!"

-Sue (Bellingham, MA)

"Thank you for the confirmation that our twin boys are identical. We suspected they were but it is wonderful to know for sure. We appreciate the service you provide and how quickly and inexpensively you have done it."

-Kelli (Lafayette, IN)

"Thanks to your resonably priced testing, I can say with confidence now that they ARE fraternal instead of the long story about the placenta tests that I disagree with it. Thank you again for the quick results. Even though it doesn't really matter, it is still relieving to know. I am a member of the Ocean County Mother of Twins Club in New Jersey and I will encourage other unsure parents to get this testing done."

-Karen (Jackson, NJ)

"We had our girls tested about a month ago. And I just finally wanted to take a minute and say "thank you." My husband wasn't that concerned with their zygosity but it drove me crazy when someone would ask if the were identical. I felt like I had to explain that they were "monochorionic, diamniotic- but that doesn't mean they are identical" as told by my ob. We were told that the placentas could have fused early and therefore would appear to be one. Now we know!! We do have identical twin girls and it is so much easier to explain. Only problem now is that we get- " boy they don't look identical!!" Thanks again "

-Bonni (Ruffs Dale, PA)

"Just wanted to say thank you!!! Now I have an answer for people when they ask - and they always ask!"

-Janis (Winchester, KY)

"Thank you so much for your very prompt results. In our hearts we always felt the girls were identical because they shared so many recessive traits. After their birth, we were told they were fraternal based on the fact that the placenta was fused. After seven years, it's wonderful to have our suspicions confirmed. Thank you again! "

-Laura (Gurnee, IL)

"The suspense was just about killing me and I have just received the results. I am shocked! The boys were delivered by C-section (with me having been givenan epidural) and I was told at the time that there were two sacs and two placentas so it seemed highly unlikely that they were identical - yes, they resemble each other a great deal but I felt there were sufficient differences to substantiate my original assumption. "

-Maggie (Gros Islet, St. Lucia)

"Although it has been a while since I received the results, I just wanted to say thank you. I was so pleased to finally learn whether or not my twin boys were identical. Having undergone fertility treatment and knowing that two eggs were released, I was certain they were fraternal. However, they look so darned much alike that even I get them confused momentarily on occasion. Thank you for confirming my hunch that they are identical. It was great fun receiving the information- almost like having twins all over again. I am sure we will use it to assist us in making some of the critical parenting decisions that we will encounter in the future."

-Holly (Claymont, DE)

"Thank you for getting our results to us so quickly. Our boys are 15 years old now, but finding out they are definitely identical was almost as exciting as the day we found out we were having twins! We are so excited, I can't stop smiling!!! Thanks again!"

-Carol (Leander, TX)

"It took researching the internet and your web site for some time, before I finally decided to choose Proactive Genetics for my twins Zygosity test.I was concerned about how accurate the results of having a test done via the internet,Never actually speaking to anyone and having the results e-mailed.Now I'm so glad that I went thru with it.The ordering was so easy in just a couple of days I recieved the kit to do the swabbing,It was very easy with great instructions included in the kit.I mailed the kit back and within a few days I was e-mailed with the results, and was very happy to finally find out that our twins are identical. "

-V.P. (Pineville, KY)

"My twin sister and I got our results yesterday & want to thank you. After checking many companies that do this testing, I felt best about this one & I liked that you only test twins zygosity DNA. The process was easy and fun, my sister and I did our swabs at the same time & even mailed the kits back at the same time as we talked on the phone & kept each other posted! We both checked the status all the time, she came over to my house so we could read the results email together, it was pretty exciting to get confirmation after 54 years that we are identical then got on the phone & let our mom & families know, thank you for the fun and great experience! The price was the great also."

-Heidi C. (Aurora, CO)
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